The solution ISIMAN® GRC
Governance, Risk, Compliance

A single corporate project to manage GOVERNANCE and PERFORMANCE: a unique solution and repository!

  • Manage major risks and operational risks, deploy risk control elements, rate and control your risks and related costs;
  • Link your activities (operations, support, governance) to your risks, and manage your performance;
  • Assure compliance with all internal and external requirements;
  • Shared governance and corporate governance, 360-degree view and strategic management.

Our solution allows to manage and orchestrate risk prevention throughout the company. It incorporates a risk management and monitoring system and enables you to comply with the current laws and standards (Basel III, Solvency II, LSF, CRBF-97-02, IAS, IFRS ...).

A very comprehensive solution to cover the needs of the company

  • Create and validate your process and procedure diagrams.
  • Manage and control the major risks and operational risks, the IT risks or financial risks of your organization.
  • Orchestrate and follow up the Internal Control activities.
  • Ensure compliance of your activity and business processes ...
  • Set up an accounting repository and the control of accounts.
  • Ensure the continuity of the company's activities.
  • Plan, prepare, perform and monitor audit activities.
ISIMAN® GRC provides standard tools to meet legislative and regulatory requirements. It consists of "modules" that may or may not be activated, making the solution fully adaptable to your needs.
Our solutions are based on a central repository containing the basic data needed to set up a solution.
Any solution relies on data repositories that are entered via a web interface by a functional administrator or by authorized users in the various departments of the company.

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