ISIMAN® EFM Solution
Fight against fraud and financial losses

A solution in partnership with IBM

With the Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) solution, you can make collaborate the various actors concerned by the fight against fraud. An analysis tool allows to search the unique alert database for frauds according to similarity criteria, to group them in the form of files and to set up action plans. Each actor accesses his fraud alerts and reports from his user portal...

This solution provides 360-degree view of the company and its environment, to combat any fraud scenarios whether they have an external or internal origin.

Fraud suspicions are generated automatically or entered manually into a unique database to allow for detailed analysis, creation or enrichment of existing cases, research impacts on the organization and processes of the company. The configuration of such a solution relies on dedicated repositories managed by one or more functional managers via the ISIMAN® CM web administration tool or automatically imported from the customer's information systems.

The solution integrates:
Core data that are common to all ISIMAN® solutions and allow to create user profiles via the "Organizations", "Jobs" and "Users" repositories in connection with the company directory;

Specific repositories for fraud management:
  • Types of fraud;
  • So-called free repositories, configurable by functional managers;
  • Analysis criteria to perform queries on the fraud database;
  • Multiple data flows from third-party systems, such as transactions details that trigger the automatic generation of alerts;
  • The IBM ODM Rules rule engine, which allows you to define analysis rules to process these data flows offline or in real time.

The IBM ODM Insights rule engine, which offers in addition to the analysis function a real-time monitoring and detection function:
  • Operations monitoring;
  • Event Management;
  • Historical data;
  • Aggregates;
  • Memory treatment for greater speed;
  • And a connector to SPSS to perform predictive analysis.

  • A set of dashboard and multi-dimensional analytics capabilities through IBM Cognos integration.
Anti-fraud specialists are offered a set of specialized functions with their workflows, forms, reminders, reports and have a personalized access via their user portal so to:
  • Follow up alerts generated automatically or entered manually;
  • Launch analysis and detect similar frauds;
  • Create / enrich investigation files;
  • Trigger action plans to secure, remedy, prevent ... cases of fraud;
  • Access reports to:
    · Manage the monitoring process: ensure the relevance of rules and algorithms;
    · Manage the fraud prevention system: analyze exceptions and detect the delays.
As a modular and scalable solution, ISIMAN® EFM can integrate other components to complete the anti-fraud system:
  • Analysis of suspicious behavior and person-to-person relationships graphically with the IBM i2 module. The investigator can easily navigate through time and space: from the information collected, the investigator constructs graphical representations of the links between people and navigates in time and space. Complaint filing is facilitated;
  • Real-time identity control for more than 140 countries;
  • Analysis of unstructured data (including those from social networks);
  • Predictive analysis with the IBM SPSS module;
  • ISIMAN® GRC to ensure that the means used in the fraud management processes have made it possible to control the risks of fraud: amounts of losses matched to risk mapping, verification of the efficiency of internal controls procedures...
  • ISIMAN® Process to improve the organization using process reviews organized between managers: eliminate gaps, simplify the risk management system...
The solution includes all the features required to ensure compliance with regulations and laws: access rights management, strong authentication, traceability, probative value archiving, encryption of general data.