General questions

1What is the practical use of ISIMAN®?
ISIMAN® is a management tool. The standard package ISIMAN® GRC comprises all business processes needed to efficiently manage your company: process and procedure flowcharts, risk assessment and rating features, internal control repositories and forms, incidents and action plan management. Via specific user portals you deploy tasks companywide to all users concerned.
2Is the implementation of ISIMAN® a significant burden for the company?
On the contrary, ISIMAN® allows to significantly reduce workload and activity costs thus optimizing the use of your resources. With its 30 years of experience, Keyword SD will be by your side and suggest what is known as best management practices.
3Can ISIMAN® help me get ISO 9001 certification?
Yes, ISIMAN® allows to formalize your processes and procedures, maintain your quality documentation and manage incidents and action plans. ISIMAN® GRC will thus help you to succeed your certification without too much pain.
4How can ISIMAN® help me improve productivity?
ISIMAN® offers you a global vision of your company and enables you to carry out different actions at different levels of your organization, for example: risk rating of organizations, incident management and process control... ISIMAN® also has a powerful search engine allowing you to cross data to highlight any potential shortfalls or losses related to your business. You quickly obtain all the elements necessary to take the right decisions.
5What is ISIMAN® Cloud?
Keyword SD now offers its solutions in SAAS mode with secure hosting. The SAAS mode allows you to connect from everywhere.
6What is the major difference between ISIMAN® and our current approach?
ISIMAN® handles business processes via specific workflows. Users are alerted via email, so they can process incidents, carry out controls or rate their risks in time. It is then possible to trigger relevant action plans fitting the situation. Information is restored directly via the search engine or via business reports fully adapted to your specific needs.

Technical questions

1What about data security?
During its 33 years of experience, Keyword SD has worked with many large institutions in various sectors such as industry, distribution, nuclear safety, banking and insurance. For these companies, security of general data is a must. In this context our engineers have developed encryption programs that are constantly being improved to protect our customers' information.
2What about maintenance?
Keyword SD offers a corrective maintenance service to support you throughout the implementation and use of any ISIMAN® solution. We aim to ensure the smooth operation of ISIMAN® within your organization and suggest enhancements so that your solution remains adapted to your needs and stays compatible with the latest technologies.

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